In the summer of 1999, three recent graduates of UCLA's School of Film & Television drove to Olympia, Washington to document Yoyo A Go Go. One of the only truly independent music festivals in the United States, the extraordinary five-day fest—staffed mostly by volunteers and affordable for almost everybody—brought together unknown local bands, acclaimed performers like Elliott Smith, Sleater-Kinney, the Make-Up, and then-emerging talents like Mirah, the Microphones, and the Mountain Goats.


Filmmakers Elina Shatkin, Cris Dupont, and Thomas Logoreci captured more than 50 performances. A formidable array of musicians took to the stage—from Japanese noise band Loud Machine and folk singer Jen Wood to mashup artists Negativland and Canadian rockers Mecca Normal.

One highlight was an intimate acoustic set by Elliott Smith, which fans had lined up around the block to see.


Returning to L.A., they began distilling their nearly 150 hours of footage—and trying to navigate the legal labyrinth music rights and clearances. As the years went by, the filmmakers began to wonder if Try This At Home would ever see a theater screen.


Over a decade later, Try This At Home has emerged. The definitive portrait of a once in a lifetime musical event, the movie provides a time capsule of an extraordinarily creative period in the Pacific Northwest. It is a call for artists to reinvent themselves and engage with their communities—wherever they may be.

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Cris DuPont

Cris DuPont is a documentary filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

Try This At Home is his first feature documentary. He currently works with Tree Media Group as a cinematographer and editor on various projects including the upcoming feature documentaries We The People 2.0 and Into Eden. He has produced, directed, and edited numerous short films, music videos, and news programs.

A personal favorite is Mentalitet Bunkeri (Bunker Mentality), which explores the clash of cultures in post-communist Albania.

DuPont currently works as an editor at 20th Century Fox.



Thomas Logoreci

Thomas Logoreci is a filmmaker, editor, and screenwriter.

For over a decade, he has collaborated with San Francisco filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt on several films including

I'm Charlie Chaplin, I Like It a Lot, and I Used to Be a Filmmaker, which was short-listed for a 2003 Academy Award.

He has also worked for many years with Caveh Zahedi on such films as In the Bathtub of the World, The World is a Classroom, and the Gotham Award-winning feature I Am A Sex Addict.

He contributed the short film 9/10 to the Underground Zero anthology and wrote and acted in Ed Feldman's A Day's Work, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the US Shorts Fest and

the Trieste Film Festival. Working with Irish filmmaker

Mark Cousins he co-wrote Here Be Dragons, a feature-length essay film that will premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2013. Logoreci is currently producing the narrative feature Bota from an award-winning screenplay he co-wrote with Albanian filmmaker Iris Elezi.



Elina Shatkin

Elina Shatkin is a writer, journalist, and occasional filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. A senior editor at Los Angeles

magazine where she covers arts and culture, Shatkin was previously a restaurant critic for the LA Weekly and a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. Her work has also appeared

in The Believer, Bitch,the Journal of Popular Music Studies, Variety, the Food Network magazine, Release Print, and American Cinematographer, among other publications. She is a contributor to radio programs on KCRW and KPCC. For the last year, she has profiling lady adventurers and exporers for HiLobrow.




Pat Maley

As founder of the record label Yoyo Recordings, Pat Maley has produced albums for a number of bands including The Mountain Goats, Unwound, and Mirah. He has also helped oversee the largely volunteer-run Yoyo A Go Go music festival four separate times: in 1993, 1997, 1999, and 2001. He lives in Olympia.



Bonfire Madigan

C Average

Elliott Smith

Jason Traeger

Jen Kliese

Jen Wood

The Lowdown

The Make-Up

The Microphones

Mecca Normal

The Mountain Goats


Nikki McClure

Old Time Relijun



Rebecca Pearcy